The Best Android Apps You Can Use to Increase Your Productivity Level

Productivity is something different from one person to another. For instance, I might have better drive than you; that’s why I can maximize my productivity every day. However, that doesn’t mean that your productivity will forever be stagnant. There are different ways to increase it, aside from redefining your drive and re-establishing goals.


Using your Android phone, you can install a couple of productivity applications to help you sort out your life and keep you organized if things get hectic. Without further ado, here is our list of the best productivity apps you can find in the Playstore.


Google Tasks


One of the first applications we recommend is Google Tasks, a versatile one with deep integration into the Google ecosystem. If you’re already a user of many Google services, then this one is definitely for you. From your phone to your smart speakers, you can easily create tasks and reminders to keep your daily life organized.


Using Google Tasks will truly make anyone feel in control of their life. You may also create your lists so that if you ever forget about something, you can easily remember it by simply opening the application.


However, we have to say that Google Tasks is not the ideal application for your project management thinking. It would do well as a personal application.


Google Keep


Another application for productivity from Google is Keep, which works just like a sticky note. With widgets, you can create different lists and tasks without any hassle. You can put them on your home screen and do anything to them without opening the application.


What we like most about Google Keep, however, is the ability to customize every list, with colours you can assign and labels you can create.




Todoist is a simple application with a simple goal, to make your life easier. You can compare this with Google Keep, but Todoist is a lot more versatile as you can access your lists and tasks on different platforms and devices in real-time. They then sync with each other so that any changes you have made will appear on every device you have.


Todoist is something we can describe as a powerhouse since it can do a lot of things in a better way. You can start from nothing and populate it with everything you have in mind or share it with someone with something to work on, like a shared project.




Trello is different from the other applications we have featured since it’s catered toward teams and project managers who want complete control over their projects. Being able to customize everything in just a tap of your fingers is a big deal, especially since we’re already living in a fast-paced world.




Asana’s tag line is “work in one place”, which gives away its purpose, and that is for people that are trying to maximize their work time. It’s more than just a to-do app, but rather an all-in-one productivity hub that requires a lot of tinkering and learning to master.

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